Working with me

One of the gifts that homeopathic treatment offers, is that of time.

Discovery Call

Please book a free 15 minute discovery call by following the link. We can chat about why you have got in touch, and how I may be able to support you.

First Consultation

This is the first time we properly meet. It is important that I get a good grip on who you are, and why you have come to see me. I will ask you questions about all aspects of your life. What brought you into my consulting room. Any physical complaints or discomforts you have. Any past surgeries or medications you are taking. Significant relationships, life events and traumas. Births, deaths, dreams, fears. Your story tells me how I can help you.

Following our conversations I will come up with an individualised action plan for you. We will talk through what my next steps are and I will prescribe you homeopathic remedies. I may also make suggestions with regards to supplements you could take to support your health, or lifestyle changes.

To book a first consultation please go here.

First consultations are charged at £130, or US $185, and are around 60 minutes long.

Follow up Consultation

I will ask to see you for a follow up appointment, usually about one month after our initial consultation. In this we will discuss how you have been getting on. Homeopathy can take time, and it is useful if you keep a log or diary during the time between consultations to note down any changes you see. I will then come up with the next way forward, and your next homeopathic prescription.

Depending on the situation, I will normally ask you to book in another follow up consultation after this. Homeopathic treatment is best seen as a course of treatment. We spend a long time building up the layers around ourselves and our health. It can take some time to start getting beneath these layers.

Follow up consultations are charged at £80, or US $125, and are about 45 minutes in length.

Acute Consultation

Acute consultations can be booked for issues that have been around for a very short time – maybe a few days, or up to a couple of weeks. I will ask you to give me details about this full set of symptoms, and we will discuss how best for you to get hold of remedies in the quickest way. These consultations will take place by video call.

Acute consultations cost £40, or US $52, and are about 20 minutes long.

To book, follow this link.

Homeopathic Birthing Session

Feeling prepared for your birth is really important. I offer a two hour birthing session, during this we will:

  • Go through the commonly used homeopathic remedies used during labour
  • Discuss in detail when they may be indicated, and how to use the remedies
  • Talk about the remedies that could help with recovery from labour.

The session is £200, or $250. The birthing remedy kit is bought separately (I will give you full details).

To book a free chat to discuss booking onto this session please go here.

What, When and How

I practice homeopathy from my hometown of Frome, in the UK. My international practice is based online, and I see patients all over the world via Zoom.

For local patients you can also come and see me at the Lifecare Health Clinic, in Frome.

If you are based in the UK, the consultation fees include homeopathic remedies and postage locally.

To book a free introductory chat please follow the link.