Balance is a curious thing. Many of us find ourselves seeking it, I think. But how do we know if we have it? Don’t we just then tip over the other side and have to rebalance again, and so it continues. As homeopaths we talk of balance a lot. Finding balance in our lives. Seeking to rebalance the vital force with remedies. But recently I’ve got to thinking, what really does it mean?

I have been so fortunate in recent times. I applaud (not least every Thursday) every person who is fighting hard right now. My friends, known and unknown, working for the NHS and as keyworkers. I am so lucky as I have experienced a somewhat different lockdown. As a cloud is said to have a silver lining, mine has been, well not quite balance but a few steps closer to getting there maybe. Having slowed down, stopped chasing from one thing to the next, constantly trying to balance this with that, I feel like I am breathing deeper than I have done for some time.

We all have different aspects of life to balance. For me I recently completed a long training journey to becoming a qualified homeopath. Balancing that with moving country, doing a PGCE, developing my skills as a teacher, getting married, living life, was challenging at times. Often it felt like the peanut butter was being spread too thinly: nothing was getting enough of my attention. And then I qualified, and of course a new balancing act began, but a slower one thankfully.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see my family. I look forward to long tight hugs with those I love and haven’t seen now for some time. I’m also looking forward to seeing the sea, and to buying some flour. But my personal take home (stay home) message from the spring of 2020 so far, has been that balance cannot be achieved at pace. I strive to take this lesson with me beyond this time of restrictions, and to remember to breath.

Charlie Ellis James LCPH