About me

I first visited a homeopath when I was ten years old. As a ‘poorly child’ I was off school more than I was there, and my small body had little defence mechanisms left. Introduced to a homeopath by friends, my mum took me along for a handful of consultations. My memories of this process are that of being gently supported. I began to grow in health, and confidence, over a period of about a year and rarely looked back towards my sickbed as I flourished through school.

Seeking an understanding of what actually happened to cure me so effortlessly, I started by reading many books on homeopathy. I was hooked and simply could not get enough information, which is when I started studying homeopathy. I had a long meandering path towards becoming a fully qualified homeopath. My studies always had to fit in with my busy life, and around my many life experiences, including living in Botswana for eight years. I would not change this for the world however, as through each and every experience I have grown as both a person and a homeopath. I finally qualified with a Licentiate in Homeopathy from the College of Practical Homeopathy, with much jubilation!

I am fascinated by the meeting of both art and science in homeopathy. The art is in piecing together each person’s story to find the remedy picture that will best support their healing. With a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and now as a secondary school Physics teacher, the science behind homeopathy enthrals me. The gentle nature of this medicine allows me to support my patients through their own healing process.